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10 random things you didn't know about Morty


Heya, folks. Since everyone and their moms have been doing these lately and I pretty much enjoyed reading them I figured I�d do one for me, as well.
Here are ten random facts about me:

Pictured: Green, which is awesome.

#8 I love books
Books totally rock. I loved them ever since I was a kid. Everytime we drove somewhere by car or train I had several books with me that I just devoured. I cannot understand how someone can dislike reading and I can�t fucking stand to the degree where I want to beat the person to death with a book when people are proud �of not reading. Ugh!
Hm, what�s more to tell? Shit, I dunno. That�s kind of boring, isn�t it? Oh, I got it.

Here is my Top 5 Most Recommended Books:

1. Killing yourself to live by Chuck Klosterman
2. Die Stadt der Tr�umenden B�cher by Walter Moers (Wow, I just found out that this book was also published in English. If you love books and reading, you have to read this! It�s called The City of Dreaming Books in English)
3. 1984 by George Orwell
4. The Electric Church (and the four following books) by Jeff Somers (beautifully crafted dystopian science fiction; never read anything more fast-paced)
5. Everything by Terry Pratchett

Unfortunately recently I find the balancing act between reading, watching and videogaming pretty hard and honestly I feel I should make more room for reading. Maybe the reading will prevail when Capcom, Ubisoft and EA destroyed videogames altogether.
Currently, I am reading The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes Part I and the sequel to The City of Dreaming Books, Das Labyrinth der tr�umenden B�cher.

#9 I fear that I will never work in the videogame industry
Videogames are my thing. I love to play them, I love to read about them, I love listening to them, I love talking about them and I would love working with them. Unfortunately I don�t have any solid idea what I can do and want to do other than �Something with vidyagaems, derp�.
I don�t really think that written journalism is my thing because I would be too much on my own and I have problems motivating myself. I can imagine working with a group of people for online video editorial work. I can imagine working in localization teams for games, PR or event management but I don�t really know how, where and when. Germany is not the best country for that, as well. And I can�t find where to start.

#10 One time I had a outer body experience
When I was just a little child, I was on a playground with my father. On this playground was a wooden tower with a slide. You could climb the tower by ladder and hanging ladder and being the ambitious little monster I was I wanted to climb the hanging ladder. I got to about two or three meters height when I lost hold and plummeted to the ground. And because I was really little I didn�t have any cool grapping reflexes in my repertoire, so instead of - �I don�t know � not hurting myself, I fucking belly flopped from nearly three meters high on hard ground. That was over 23 years ago but I still remember clear as day the moment I hit the ground, especially the fact that I saw it while floating three meters above my body. I was wearing something bright, white or light-blueish. The moment didn�t last long, it was gone almost instantaneous.
My dad grabbed poor unconscious me and jumped in front of the first car on the street to get me to a hospital and everything turned out fine but I will never forget this one short, eerie moment when I saw my little self lying there under me in the dirt. Creepy as shit.

Thanks for reading, dicks and vags. G�day.

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