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Virtual Console games I (still) want.

Back in 2006, I thought the Wii's implementation of the Virtual Console service was a godsend. I was graduating in less than six months and was planning on moving away for college, and the last thing I wanted to do was haul ALL of my old game consoles and their respective library of games for each. It was bad enough just trying to pack the essentials, but all these plastic cartridges? No thanks. Luckily, some of my favorites started popping up online for me to purchase, as well as some goodies that had been stolen throughout the years. But after a few years of greatness, the Virtual Console started to slow down to the point where it would take months for anything truly exciting would pop up.

I've spent the last couple of weeks catching up on podcasts I've missed for various reasons, and during one of 1UP's Retronauts episodes, Bob Mackey mentioned what Virtual Console games he'd like to see, and though he couldn't name them off the top of his head, I figured I'd do my own little list on what games I'm still waiting for. (Hint, it's a LOT).

But for now, I just thought I'd write about some of my most-wanted still-to-be-released Virtual Console games

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