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Story in My Shooter?


Maybe I can save this city...or ruin it more? Who knows?

As my first impression stands, though, I�m very saddened with the outcome of the game. It simply feels like a more realistic �Gears of War� with Nolan North involved. It�s uninspired, lacking in fun and completely average. It does control well, though.

Maybe �Spec Ops� will be just like �Bioshock� to me. I didn�t find anything particularly outstanding about �Bioshock.� It�s just a watered down �System Shock 2� or �Deus Ex,� but it had a great plot that was well worth seeing to the end. Hopefully 2K Games and Yager Development are onto something, because I�d really love to have another plot driven shooter with an actual plot.

If you have any other story driven shooters to recommend to me, why not do it on my Twitter account @KingSigy? I�m always willing to try new things and provide recommendations of my own.
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