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Why are games' stories important?

You've read this article time and time again, so I'm not going to bore you with a drawn out introductory paragraph, sighting all of the industries progress over the past several decades. Instead I'm going to jump right in immediately, and begin making controversial statements, and hoping for some actual discourse in the comments

More and more, videogames have become less games, and more like bad Sci-Fi original movies. There's an intense, almost laser beam focus on narrative of videogames, as oppossed to gameplay, and overall enjoyment. In fact, I've seen time and time again, games with very weak gameplay get a free pass, using it's story as justification for it's subpar mechanics. Games like BioShock (not bad per-se, but so easy that it quickly grows dull and repetitive), and Skyrim are praised, despite the facts that they are not good, at least not when you are criticizing them as 'games' instead of amateur literature. These same people will then slam Soul Calibur 5 (a competitive game, no less) for only having two hours of cutscenes.

Summary: People played Marvel vs Capcom 2 for 12 years. They played BioShock once.

Any thoughts?

(Next I'll get into Linearity, since that's another topic that people like to drone on about.)
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