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Dungeon Blitz Challenge Day 3: First Possible Kink

Like all print services, The Game Crafter cannot deliver 100% accurate cuts to the cards. This is the reason why, when you buy board games (if you buy board games), you notice the color of tokens and such go beyond the cut lines. So if a top tier manufacturing outlet that prints up thousands upon thousands of Fantasy Flight Games cannot deliver this, The Game Crafter cannot be expected to. This is why their templates are a boon in that it hints towards how the cutter may drift through production. The general rule is nothing important outside the dotted line but in general, Drift hits the back of the cards the hardest so I might be safe. Just remember this in the image below as the potential cut border could be between the dotted and solid white line. The other potential issue is the puzzle room gates don't contrast enough and it's not always clear what objective will open the room. To make certain the types of gates needed and that the gates are visibly present, maybe I just need to make the gates an energy barrier akin to the energy bridges. Their color portrays the necessary trigger at a glace and the gates don't do that. This will have to be taken into consideration as time allows.

So at this point, as I've been showing the progress to people, the questions keep coming up, "Just what the hell is this game and how do you play?"

Well, first things first is that this game requires all four characters to play. So the Knight, the Thief, the Ranger, and The Wizard need to be in the game. What ISN'T required is character assignments. So you could play this by commitee (all players agreeing on a turn) or each player controls a character type, or this game is 100% compatible with Solo gameplay. Next, you draw a Scenario and prepare the Dungeon Blitz deck.

Let's say the game is "Seek the Forbidden Texts." The first thing you would do is shuffle the standard tiles (of which there are 34) and set aside 14 tiles. Next, grab all the tiles specific to "Seek the forbidden texts" and shuffle them into the deck. The goal of the game is now to navigate the dungeon and find the three forbidden texts to win the game.

So let's go over the characters for a second. Each character will have certain stats like Health, Speed, Death Radius, who they can attack, and other skills. Consider each party member a walking turrent. So the Ranger can attack Flash Cats so this means if any Flash Cats get within a certain radius, they are instantly detroyed. But she cannot kill Wraiths so Wraiths that enter her space will cost her a health. No complicated combat rules, no combat die rolls, each character simply marches death upon their designated targets.

At the end of each characters action, a die is rolled. On a roll of 2-6, look up the matching monster (for example, a Slime is a 2) and begin their action. Each monsters acts differently. Slimes, for example, do not spawn so even though they start on a map, no more come from their spawn points once activated. BUT, if someone is in the room with a Slime when they activate, they all split in two after moving 2 spaces towards their target. Meaning anyone but the person who's good against Slimes can quickly get overwhelmed. Of course that leaves the question of "what happens on a 1?"

The exact same thing that happens after all four characters have moved, The Lich activates. Consider the lich the games doom clock. He cannot be bartered with, defended against, or defeated. The Lich marches on towards the party. Since he moves slow, there is no immediate danger for a fast moving party but spending too much time in puzzle rooms, or simply rolling too many 1s will lead the party to disaster. If he is within 3 spaces of a character, they will lose 1 Health. If he touches a character, the player instantly dies.

Which leads to the next point. Either you succeed within your dungeon blitz or if any one character dies, the entire party fails. That, in essence, is this card game. It combines the horde fighting of Gauntlet with the puzzle rooms of Zelda. It is designed to be, win or lose, played in 30-60 minutes, making it an ideal lunch break game.
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