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The Ten Things of Byronic Man

Without ado, here are ten things you probably donít know about me.

#1 Ė Quite quiet

I like to have my personal space and I enjoy it when things are on the quieter side. This is probably part of the reason I naturally gravitate towards being a night owl. I understand it makes things difficult for me in some ways but the hustle and bustle of a daytime surrounded by friendly people chatting away is just something I need frequent breaks away from.

Most other people seem to enjoy the physical act of talking more than myself, so often enough Iím content to sit and listen to the conversation of company. Other times, usually during those rare moods where speaking is the last thing I want to do, Iím afraid my reticence comes off as rudeness or hostility. Oops.

Of course, when I get going about a subject Iím interested in I could talk and talk, just like everyone else. Itís especially easy to communicate about some things through text as you can blast away to your heartís content, satisfying your own need to talk about a matter more than your need to communicate it to a patient recipient. Not that Iím saying the internet is an adequate replacement for physical social interaction Ė while you can freely vent about things you love or hate, the web lacks that essential component of human company. Look at me, going off on a tangent.

Anyway, to wrap it up, another part of my quietness is down to a strong inclination towards privacy. Itís the reason Iíve taken ages to put up this blog, since trying to think of ten things about myself that I wouldnít mind sharing was a little troublesome, not least because of how boring I am. Iím not keen on putting up just about anything and I doubt most people are interested in the fact that I marathoned Baccano! last weekend. (#11)

So thatís that. I hope you enjoyed this list and that it didnít drag on too long for you. Have a nice day.
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