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My SkullGirls Review's Comments + Addendum

My review score is lower than most scores written by more prolific individuals who legitimately represent a publication or organization. With that said, I'm glad I didn't start by reviewing Skyrim or something because that would have been a shit storm for me, followed by possibly being shunned by Cblog readers and commenting folks.

So, I felt I had made some silly omissions from my review for SkullGirls. and I thought I would tackle the comments made while also incorporating elaborations and some stuff I might have missed out on saying.

Bulkmailer said:
"6.5 you son of a bitch? i kid i kid."

I'm glad Bulkmailer is joking a bit about the remark, and thanks for commenting. I realize that because many prolific reviewers who legitimately represent gaming websites are giving SkullGirls a higher score, it seems I might be nit picking. So what if I am? The Extras menu has little to no entries, sorry no, it has CREDITS, which is great because then you can see where credit is due and possibly stalk people on twitter or what have you. But aside from Credits, there is only a back 'button' which is redundant if you press B or circle. No cut scenes - because those are basically slide shows for the most part, no sound test or jukebox, no art galleries, nothing except credits and BACK. The menu has descriptive text that reads 'Credits...Art galleries and other various and sundry ephemera coming soon. So wait around for your 'Sundry ephemera', because. Also, 'Unlock Full Game' appears in the main menu and its descriptive text says "Upgrade to the full version of the game', and considering the character count and the fact that it has an extras menu with nothing - it really speaks for itself.

JoeTheProYaKnow said:
"I only played the demo and while I can see the love for it, I agree with your assessment of the controls."

You can see the love with your eyes. It's like watching Felix The Cat and appreciating it for being a cartoon of cartoons, you can see the love for the artform. Here, with SkullGirls you can see a love of fighting games and the technical aspects of fighting games coming through. Here, you can see the love of game creation at work. SkullGirls stands as what a game studio can do when you work (soul crushingly?) hard.

I should have stressed that being able to set the controls to your liking is possible. Yep, you can personalize your inputs. I wouldn't say doing so helps, I think what it is set to at default is the most 'natural' way to go about it. Although two buttons still need to be your short cuts and without a move list to reference it's hard to remember what LK+MP and MK+HP do. LK+MP is apparently 'Ensemble 1' while MK+HP is 'Ensemble 2', but what does that mean? Thanks for the comment.

rokNrolenemyNo1 said:
"The game is definitely made for people who play fighting games. It's a hard genre to break into if you don't have like-minded friends around to play with, and buying a new fighter and playing on your own or online is not an easy way to learn. Hence I get the feedback I've been hearing.

The game is pretty awesome, but I'm not sure I'll be playing it as long as Vampire Hunter or Super Turbo."

While I believe the technical aspects for a great tournament fighter are in place I find that SkullGirls is also a great way to learn more about the technical aspects of fighting games. It's a grass-roots sort of project in many respects, which I find follows through with perhaps fostering new appreciations for fighting games. I perhaps should have stated that it's probably a great place to start in terms of playing fighters. With all of that said and fresh in the mind do you think SkullGirls can stand the test of time? Not if you think about Super Turbo or titles like it, no. But that's comparing a legend to a story you just heard about a guy who something'something'ed and it was pretty cool.

Flamoctapus said:
"Can't say I agree, but good nonetheless. Also, F.HK is forward HEAVY kick, not forward high kick."

Heavy, ok, got that locked down now. Low kick, middle kick, heavy kick. It's high kick dammit!

Mr Andy Dixon said:

6 is the number of love. Is it the .5? Thanks for the comment.

Painwheel's introduction is tubes of what look like mannequin torsos floating in green fluid. Then, a character who looks like Lord Zed named 'Brain Drain' says, 'Obey Lab Zero' and Painwheel is suddenly a character. 6 is good and 6 sounds like sex. Sex is good, it can be bad for some I'm sure. I mean hey, I'm not going to write a discourse on people who have received elective or suggested 'gender reassignment surgery' and the ramifications it has had on their sex lives. I mean I would but that would take finding people who have had it and then interviewing them and I can't tell if that would be intrusive or flattering. Because on the one hand it's "I'm interested in your story, please tell me about it." and "I want to exploit the unfortunate chain of circumstances which encompasses your life.". I hope it would be the former.

TheManchild said:
"I never really got the desire for more characters. I know variety is nice, but if the game is polished and well balanced, I am more than happy to be stuck with a small number of fighters in exchange for that. I really like this game, decent review."

I don't want to compare a video game to the preferences people have for crackers while especially stressing that variety of characters would embody the preference for more or less salt on their crispy saltines. So, avoiding that and hoping a vague overview of a shrugged off remark is enough, thanks for saying my review was 'decent'. To me that means 'fair' and 'on point'. Thanks for the comment.

Johann Schmidt said:
"Well just going off the demo here but... Definitely made for people who already know how to play fighting games. Using F+HK instead of you know the actual buttons required to perform the move is crazy. It immediately told me "hey you noob you suck and will never be good at this game so don't even bother." The art was nice though I agree the music isn't very good at least the tracks in the demo weren't though the voices sounded good and of course per fighting game rules the story is so WTF you wonder why they bothered. So yeah 6.5 sounds about right for a mixed bag of a game."

Since you're going off the demo to gauge your opinion I want you to know that doing so is totally legitimated. How and why? A demo is the demonstration of the product, you want to see what it does. It's like info-commercials that spend half the time telling you about the product and the other parts of it telling you what you'll get out of the deal and how it's supposed to work by actually showing dramatizations. Likewise, a great demo will show you pictures of what you'll get in with the deal (buying the game), the meat and potatoes of the game should be on display (the core mechanics at work), and above all do all of this well enough so that you can find out whether it is for you or not. That's what a demo is supposed to do. If it doesn't sell the game by showing you what it is then it isn't a good demo and someone should have egg on their face for making a bad commercial that isn't entertaining, doesn't say what you'll get, and doesn't depict the product at work, so to speak.

A kicker for everything about the tutorial levels, having to want to learn the controls, and having to practice... no trophy for completing the tutorial. Not that this fact factored into my review in any way of course but... something snarky like 'Practice Makes Perfect" and a clue line like "Do it over and over..." would have probably driven it home.

fulldamage said:
"Though I doubt I'll invest in the full experience, I thought the demo was quite entertaining! The tutorials in particular were perhaps the best I've ever experienced in a 2D fighter - they really go in depth in trying to teach you fighting game concepts and how to execute them. (Okay, the 6 button launcher air combo tutorial was about the point where I totally lost interest, but I appreciate that it's there!)"

I like what is in the game, I just don't appreciate how much isn't in it. I don't want to hark on what 'could have been' because it's about what is, what's in, because that's what counts.

StriderHoang said:
"It's like Brawl is a love letter to Nintendo fans, except it's a love letter to the fighting game community but not nearly as accessible. As a consumer package, it's flawed. But it deserves any praise it can get because for the people who know their shit about fighting games, Skullgirls does a lot of things that feel like a rejuvenation of the fighting genre. Though the absence of a move list is a weird oversight."

I like how you made that first sentence sound like Smash Brothers Brawl and SkullGirls are like valentines cards or something. Would you pay $49.99 or $15.99 for a valentines card? Mind you it would probably have pop-ups, slides, pop-outs, and have a little thing that sings a song or something. Would it be worth it?

SkullGirls does a lot of things right when it comes to how it's tackled the genre, for sure.

Ramminchuck said:
"Though the absence of a move list is a weird oversight." I think when WakeUpSRK had Mike Z on he said it was a budget/time thing. If they took the time to put move lists in it would have taken away from some of the more awesome features. I believe it's being patched in though."

The whole possibility of their being cuts because of budget or release schedules retrains, is not a good thing. It means polish is lacking and is well known it's lacking because sacrifices were made to just get the thing to market - and hey, it happens. It happens a lot.

In terms of making sacrifices and weighing sacrifices - pretty sure that's when hard work turns into soul crushing work because you'll feel there are those few qualities lacking, things you could have done different. It's gotta be hard and I'm sure only those who are intimately involved in the industry truly know such sweet sweet sorrow.


Thanks for the comments. If I missed anything or you feel like you have something to add, check out my SkullGirls review and leave a comment. I might just update this post and respond.

Why did I do this? Because I don't really feel like I need to explain myself. A review should do that well enough, but I felt there were small details I probably could have touched down on and because it's a lower score and I will not edit a review unless it's a spelling or grammar error, I think commenting on comments is a good idea and people should do it more often.
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