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Collaboration: IF Only...


On this side of the proverbial tracks, the future is now: our favored game makers are already huddling together in anticipation of the gathering storm. On the one hand, this sets the stage for some truly amazing collaborations that never could have come to pass otherwise�on the other, a well-set stage isn�t worth much if there aren�t any entertaining acts being performed on them, or if the performers themselves aren�t up to snuff. At this point the question is posed to the viewer: do you walk out of the theater right this second, or hang around in hopes that the upcoming show is the one you�ve been waiting for (the buzz has been great, after all)? What about after the next one? Or the one after that? You might roll your eyes at some of the out-crowd for having kept our butts obediently in our seats for so long, but trust me, once you find yourself in a similar position with a franchise you�ve loved for years the answer won�t come to you nearly so easily as you thought it would.

Thus, to all of you out there dreaming of the video game collaboration that will change everything, by all means keep dreaming � and keep on supporting the games you enjoy � in hopes that something special eventually comes out the other side. That said, don�t sigh �if only�� too loudly: someone out there is listening, and one day might just be crazy enough to give you almost exactly what you wish for.
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