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My top 10 games of 2011 (FINALLY!)

Holy shit this is late. It�s the middle of fucking April. I thought it was bad last year when I posted my list mid-February. But I�m committed to finishing up with all the 2011 games I want to play before doing this. And with games like Skyrim literally taking up more than 3 months of my gaming time, you can surely understand my tardiness. I still never did get around to some of the games I was interested in like Catherine, El Shaddai, or Fishing Resort, let alone acclaimed games I was less enthused about like Deus Ex or Arkham City. But gosh. It was a good year for video games.

The list!

10. Kirby: Mass Attack

So yes! I declare there were not one but three GOTY-worthy masterpieces last year. And the rest of the games on this list are truly outstanding. I dare say 2011 was the best year for gaming since 2008. The last couple of years I bitched a little bit that there were too many games, and not enough great games. But this past year everything was so good. I can�t complain.

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