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Paxgate: Nigri and Nathan Barnatt

Silly. All of it.
Open social media + media tycoon tycoon type + four or five job holding gaming person type = Shit storm of shit.

Nathan shouldn't have done what he did.
No, he probably shouldn't be let back. Why?
He broke a binding contract is why. The guy can't be trusted - obviously.

Jessica's costume was skin, her fault? She made the costume and she's basically sexy sexism with tits and a perky set of personalities, and a perky personality.

Lols and pops chainsaws is only a big deal because a guy who makes art-house-picture videogames created a half naked bitch - and the game has blood and swears (cuses, curses, don't know?) in it.
It's like a highschool version of Bayonetta, which at least had some mythology nods. What's Lollyprop got? Half naked bitch, blood, and surrealism pop-art video game medium person behind it.

So here is my journalism on this subject:
That girl is talented at created costumes, that guy is talented at creating not-commercials and skits. In short, whatever fuck srsly.

Pre-professional to the fucking plinth.

Don't look at any of this on twitter, don't even bother looking at anything anyone says about this. If Holmes or Barnatt bring this up again - just shake your head in disappointment. Maybe Barnatt could be allowed back if he doesn't go in character and promises - in a legally binding way, again, not to interrupt or disrupt panels.

This is gas and it'll pass. It's passing. If anyone brings up how bad it stinks they're only going to pass some more, then everyone will know their shit stinks.
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