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Video and Impressions: Sakuracon 2012 in three minutes

Instead of being a beast on the East coast at PAX, Toneman, King3vbo, and I went to the anime convention: Sakura-con. You can see some of the highlights in this cute video below. Tried to have a good mix of group scenes and awkwardly funny moments, but I think the last ten seconds are worth the wait.

Also, guess who the Madoka cosplayer is.

The whole event was fun and I spent a LOT of money, even though the staff planning it could have handled it better in my opinion:
*We didn't get approved for press passes until three weeks before the event.
*We were promised a chance to interview Todd Haberkorn and Steven Blum but they never got back to us on times or approval.
*Other people I've heard from apparently had some issue with getting in "during the event" which must have been stressful.
*We would get carded randomly if we stepped into an adult area we didn't know we were in.
*Line ups for different events would be randomly placed around so getting into different panels were a organization nightmare (even if the event wasn't packed).
*And autograph sessions were very much a kerkuffle as I showed up 45 minutes early only to get turned away after waiting an hour and a half because I didn't have a Priority ticket given out at a different panel the day before. With past events, priority tickets usually mean those people get through faster but still give regular people in line a chance. (But that's just me being bitter).

But don't get me wrong, the rest of the convention was fine, and the staffers we did talk too were very nice. Apparently, they just had a change in management, and I hope its handled better next year.

You can also see our photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/106449571941734320111/Sakuracon
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