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Class of Heroes 2 Kickstarter: Iceberg Ahead!

Following in the footsteps of Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo everyone and their mother are taking to Kickstarter to get their projects funded. The trouble now is quite a few of these projects are flooding in as companies have seen their success and started dipping their toes in to test the water, and this has lead to some posting up of some less than impressive Kickstarter pages.

One such example is MonkeyPaw and GaijinWork's "Class of Heroes II" Kickstarter page. At the moment the page is at 387 backers, $35,819 pledged of the $500,000 total, and has 28 days left to go. I'm no fortune teller but something tells me that instead of snowballing in popularity there is going to be a sharp drop off in backers. Here's why I think this will be the case:

-They didn't learn from other Developers and their Kickstarter mistakes

I mentioned the goal before, but just to refresh you: MonkeyPaw and GaijinWorks are looking for $500,000 for a niche game localisation. I'm not an expert or an analyst but I just can't imagine the project hitting that goal.

Even Serellan LLC and their Takedown project which pitched a tactical shooter had a more realistic and modest goal of $200,000 and those guys are struggling to even reach that goal with maybe 3 days to go. Their Class of Heroes II introduction on the golden age of Jrpgs is inspiring but the entire Jrpg fan base are not going to get behind it, not even all the Jrpg fan base who have a PSP are going to get behind it.

The previous projects that I mentioned all started off very quickly and had a large percentage of funds at the beginning some meeting their goal and surpassing it easily and some who got maybe close to 50% and are working hard for the rest of the funds for the remainder of time. At the moment Class of Heroes II has $35,819 of $500,000 which is a slow start for a very large goal.

Despite all my criticism, I do wish MonkeyPaw and GaijinWorks the best of luck and I hope they prove my amateur predictions wrong. Unfortunately I just can't see this project building steam.

CoH2 Kickstarter:

Takedown Kickstarter:

Kotaku Article "I messed up my videogame Kickstarter. Now, I'm fixing it.":
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