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NFL Blitz

Blitz is the game I�ve spent the least amount of time with, but just like NBA Jam, the sheer amount of content is staggering. There are multiple career modes (even a Co-op exclusive one!) and extra unlockable characters that it would take you months to see everything.

Toss in the bone crushing knock-downs, 3 minute quarters and simple controls and you�ve got a recipe for success at any skill levels. �NFL Blitz� is very welcoming to newbies. The veterans don�t get left out, though, as every single classic cheat code still works.

The introduction of boss battles could have failed miserably, but the rubber-band AI actually isn�t too awful. Bosses have no special powers, either, so the game remains balanced and fun.

My friend and I, on our first night, found an exploit in the AI with one play. Every time we chose Criss-Cross, we were able to reverse our routes and make two-point conversions with no effort. It felt exactly like an NES title.

The sheer nostalgia factor mixed with modern game flourishes (thank god for button passing) make �NFL Blitz� a requirement for old-school fans. It�s just too good to pass on.

And that is my current gaming climate. I�ve gone from not playing a sports title all generation to frequenting and rotating out of 3. It�s surprising, to say the least, but it�s totally reinvigorated any lost luster I�ve had for my favorite hobby.

Still, I wish others would get in on this. I don�t like hogging all of the fun and I�d really like to talk to someone else about that sick combo I pulled off on Serenity. What�s the point of having fun if I can�t share the love?

If you�d like to follow me on Twitter, just make sure to search for @KingSigy. I�ll be glad to chat about anything with you, even if all I want to talk about is SSX!
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