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Disappointment: Plot holes, compulsive nit-picking, & shark repellant bat-spray


The whole sequence is lazily written and exists simply to force some bizarre dramatic ending with Joker finally biting the big one. I understand Joker�s death in this game was supposed to be an allegory to Mark Hamill stepping down as the voice of Joker (something he�s apparently rescinded), however if you�re going to do something like that then please put more thought into it. Instead the entire sequence ends up feeling more out of character for Joker than even his Super-Joker transformation in Arkham Asylum. In fact, I would say Asylum�s ending is a better ending in general because while it�s still lame it at least makes sense. As one final silly nitpick, considering Joker refers to Talia as the love of Batman�s life� don�t you think it would have made more sense for Batman to carry Talia out of Arkham instead of Joker? I don�t know about you, but I don�t think I�d leave someone I loved in a half broken theater with the remnants of Clayface. Oh, I love how Commissioner Gordon totally doesn�t give a crap about Joker being dead beyond a �what happened� and just lets Batman leave. Just funny because I distinctly remember at least one or two occurrences in the comics where Gordon held Batman at gunpoint to stop him from murdering Joker.

I loved Arkham City, I really did, so please don�t interpret all of my nitpicking as me hating on a game or anything like that. I just really get annoyed at bullcrap plot mistakes that could have easily been remedied with some common sense (which is why The Dark Knight should have ended with everyone blaming Joker for Two-Face�s murders, by the way). Thus, it really bugs me that such a great game had to end on a disappointing down-note.

Oh and one last thing� why were Catwoman and Poison Ivy apparently having the exact same conversation for hours while Catwoman hung upside down?
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