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Jebus Haiku's the News!

For want of something else to to other than ranting about all these games I can afford not to play, I thought I'd start something a little different. Every Friday or so, I will Haiku the news of the week.

Ending was hated,
Destination, not journey.
Let's change the bastard.

And the results are,
It's Victory for Retake!
Bad feeling 'bout this...

Warning consumer!
Games may cause aggressiveness...
we think. Not too sure.

for well loved high street game store,
Amazon ahoy!

Dark Souls for PC,
I didn't like Demon's Souls,
Waste of a Haiku?

Soul Reaver in a,
high def reboot, must have.
Michael Bell dammnit!

Well I've never heard,
of this Warren Specter guy,
neither has Cliffy.

Metal Gear Solid,
on 3DS underwhelms,
Jonathan Holmes. Pfft.

EA shuts servers,
bad news for The Saboteur,
No more damn nipples.

World of Warcraft, soon,
there will be a Panda class.
Not sure what to say.

Earlier report,
Warren Specter made a game,
called Deus Ex. Oh.

Steel Battalion,
comes with helmet, protects head,
and virginity.

Dated Dreamcast game,
to get HD makeover,
err, Seaman Kinect?

That's all I've got Destructoid. Hopefully, no Mass Effect 3 haikus next week.
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