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The ones that got away...DS games

Have you ever just not got round to playing the latest big release? Maybe the game is sat right in front of you in the dreaded backlog and everyone is talking about it except you. I know that feeling all too well, and it stops now!

I'm going back through it; not every game just the ones that I know are well loved, and I want you to join me. Not just to join me but to help; the power is in your hands! I'm taking on all my consoles, from N64 to PS3, and going back to finally beat some of the classics.

I'm thinking 3 for each console each in it's own category. One ridiculously popular (so probably pretty good), one that I really really want to play and one that's so hard that I'll cry tears of blood...and that's just on stage one. I'm gonna give you a choice of 2 in each category and play the one with the most votes. Right explanation time is over, it's game on...with DS games!

A popular choice

Option 1: Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

I'm a bit worried I just don't "get" Harvest Moon games. Farming doesn't really grab my attention in game form. I'm hoping the mix up of the series into RPG territory will finally get me ploughing the fields like there's no tomorrow.

Another imported game (does Europe just not get the hard DS games?) that I have spent woefully little time playing and most of that was spent dying. I find it hard to imagine me seeing the end credits for this game but maybe I will surprise myself.

So what will it be? Will I be slaying vampires or planting turnips? Will I be drinking tea in my English manor house or reclaiming my kingdom without a body? Will I be crying on stage 2 of Contra 4 or sobbing on floor 2 of the Dark Spire? Comment below if there's a game you'd prefer to hear my musings on, or even if you just want to tell me you don't like the idea!
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