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The Irresponsibility...Of An RPG'er


It reminds me of the scene in "The Dark Knight", where the Joker confronts Two-Face about "the schemers" and how futile their schemes really are. This reminds me of this. Even though I think I'm in control, it's the other side that control the puppet strings.

So my problem is meaningless then. Even if I create what I deem the perfect "storyline", it's not mine. It was made by writers sitting in a room.

But still, it makes it feel hollow. Like my storyline is artificial, like it's a fabrication...within a fabrication. because I do understand it's not real.

I finished Mass Effect, and against all my instincts, I stuck to my decisions, even if I didn't like the outcome. It wasn't as superficially nice as my previous RPG experiences, but in some way, I kinda felt like I was growing up (just a little). Like the whiny kid inside who whined about not having everything, was put away in a box. And a slightly older, less whiny kid emerged.

It's a start...besides, who wants to grow up anyway?

P.S If you finish this blog and think "WTF? Why have I wasted my time on this that doesn't make sense?", I give you the excuse of not enough sleep, too much excercise today, and a blog I did not devote my full attention to as I was watching the Walking Dead. So for that I apologize...

but I'm not fucking re-writing it.
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