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Giving a Game a Second Chance or Chewing Broken Glass (to see if you like it)

Henrique, media shouldn't get second chances. People sure but movies, music, and video games - not really. Giving a 'second chance' to something you already know you don't like is pointless. For example, a friend let me borrow one of his Richard Dawkins books. I read it, told him I appreciated that fact he thought I'd enjoy it, but I didn't and I gave it back. He then tells me that I 'didn't get it'. And that I shouldn't judge everything the man has written by just one book. So the bastard gives me every Richard Dawkins book and tells me to give him a second chance. I told him it's a waste of my time and I don't need this kind of literature. He assures me that I don't 'get it', that I don't understand something. So I read them all. I give them all back a few weeks down the road and ask him what the fuck it was that I was supposed to get because I still couldn't stand anything Richard Dawkins had written. He says nothing. The reason he said nothing is because he knew that all he did was waste my time, and I let him waste it by giving something I already knew I didn't like a 'second chance'.

A second glance is one thing, a second chance is silly. When it comes to movies, books, and games you shouldn't need to give a game a second chance. If you don't like it and are not having fun, why would you play the whole damn thing just to make sure that you couldn't find fun in any of it? The only reason I can think of for anyone to do that would be if they worked at Gamestop and the only meaning they could get out of their job was siphoning their amateur reviews on customers. Unless you're into masochism, let it go.

If you know you don't like Twilight, why would you give it a second chance by reading all of the books and watching all the movies when you already know it's a crock of shit. Just because you feel like it mustn't be such a crock of shit because people, mainly little girls who have no taste in literature or entertainment and have had mommy and daddy go out and buy every book - then they go to school and tell everyone what they have and pretend like their a literary genius, knowing exactly what is current and of good taste, explaining to all nearby that they should either go buy Twilight books or you are all morons.

I actually read a blog once about a father who decided he was going to hijack one of the books from his daughter and give it a look. After he read it, he let out his disgust in a novella sized entry about how perverted and fucked up the whole book is. Ironically enough, the guy who plays a key role in the movies says the same thing: Robert Pattinson hates Twilight

A video game demo is the real trailer for the game. As an interactive media, it's the only way to really get an idea of what it is you are looking at, or what it is you will be playing. A demo doesn't need to sell the game so much as it should be a concise representation of the gameplay to come. The ME3 demo has that in spades. Anyone who tells you a demo shouldn't leave a lasting impression about the finished product, because a demo is not finished product - folks who say that honestly don't know what they are talking about. Only because, if a demo doesn't leave an impression then the people who were behind the demo, and by extension the entire game - are incompetent for not distributing the best example of their upcoming product. Second chances are for people and quality products should speak for themselves and beg nothing more than a second glance if something seemed awry.
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