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The top three annoying enemies of all time

Warning this blog have some offensive language, viewer discretion is advised

After reading �Nobody dies on the first Goomba� by Sephiroth X I was inspired to share my feelings on what I think is the top three annoying enemies of videogames ever. Keep in mind that this is not a universal list, but my personal opinion.


The number 1, THE NUMBER 1 worst enemy of all time, are Metalls. These fucking things are by far the most annoying enemies in videogames. In my opinion they are worse than any enemy from the start of videogames till now. To this day, I still have great trouble getting around these metal bastards. I hate them and all of their incarnations. My body shivers every time I see this bitch. Also, in my opinion they are the most punk enemies in videogame history. Always hiding in their little shells. Impervious to all regular and special attacks. You have to have great patience to deal with these guys. To make matters worst, some can shoot back, camouflage and I think some can hover. Nothing I hate more, especially in the classic Megaman games, when I have to jump on a platform and these assholes are sitting on the edge of the cliff. Whether they can shoot back or not, it doesn�t matter because as soon as they hurt you as you jump, you get knock back and die in either a pit or spike. Mavericks and Robot Masters got nothing on these guys when it comes to losing a plethora of lives. Because of my constant grief, even up to this day, I place these guys as number one top annoying enemies of all time.
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