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The Destructoid Show Live with the PlayStation Vita!


Overall, the Vita felt like a solid portable that has a lot of potential. None of the games sold me on the device, but they were fun nonetheless. My only concern for the Vita is that it has the cameras and the front touchscreen and back touchpad and accelerometer and probably a coffee maker somewhere in there. Reason this concerns me is because I feel that developers may either over utilize the device and make games that are overall confusing to play and control, or just make basic games that don�t use any of the extras the Vita has to offer. I hope I�m wrong about that, but we�ll see in the coming months when the Vita is released and more games come out for it.

As for the event itself, I had a great time, and it was one of the best days/nights out I�ve had in a long while. It was great to see Max and Tara again for the first time since PAX, and it was also great to meet some of the other Revision3 people like Anthony Carboni and Zac Minor. If The Destructoid Show and Revision3 decide to have another meet and greet event in the future, I will definitely be there.
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