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I'm not "Reggie": A Case of Mistaken Internet Identity

Destructoid, I know this is a strange topic for a blog post. But I have a story.
And a problem, with nowhere else to turn to.
It all started Hours ago, near midnight before this blog publishing...

I was surfing the net making the rounds on the web pages I frequent, when I came across a review on Nintendo Life of the Circle Pad Pro. Scanning through the comments, I see a user named Magnalon sporting the same pic as the Destructoid commentor of the same name. I had been considering joining NL for a while now, and seeing a familiar face I decided to join and say "Hi".
And I did just that. Using the same User Name and profile Pic I used here.
Continuing my rounds, I check back only minutes later to a strange sight: My comment was gone, and through no act of my own, my profile signed out.
Puzzled, I figured the site must have glitched and that I would just sign back in and repost.
Except I couldn't. Upon entering My profile info I was greeted to the following, in an eerie red text:

"The account you are trying to access has been banned, please contact the administrators.
Reason: Ban evasion."

I was confused. "ban evasion"? I had made only a single, non offensive comment. And I was banned.
So I did the only thing I could do: using the site links, I contacted the Admin and explained my situation.
The reply came quicker than expected, which was pleasant. The content, however, was Not:


I wasn't born yesterday. Please go find some other site to haunt.

-- theblackdragon"

...Reggie? Who was this? Obviously, he must be a former user banned from NL for misconduct.
Except now I'm banned, marked with his name along side him.
I sent another message in an attempt to clear things up. (Even Including my Full real name, something I was loathe to do) I even stated that I used the same User Name on both Destructoid and N4G.
I have yet to recieve a reply. (...Which, in retrospect. makes sense: it was after Midnight by that point.)

I really don't know what to say. Banned on the basis of mistaken Identity, for someone elses misconduct and no way to prove my Innocence.
Has something like this ever happened to anyone else? I really don't know what to do.
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