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InSephtion: The Online Pass


Is the online pass system a perfect goody-goody thing? No, it�s not. If someone would say that the online pass system is a little greedy I�d be inclined to agree to a certain point. Anytime you want more money then you previously had, yeah, that�s being greedy in some (even if it�s small) fashion. However, considering that the industry itself has grown a lot over the last decade and development costs have risen up with it I can understand why some people within the industry feel it�s vital to do whatever it takes to continue making money. While I think it�s silly that major companies like EA, who make more than enough money off of games like Madden, push online passes I can understand why smaller groups like the Ninja Theory�s of the world might feel the need to adopt this system. I�m well aware of the fact that I�m not a business major so I could be unaware of some of the things that go into the industry as well, but this is just my general consensus.

Ultimately the point I want to get into your mind is that we should all chill about online passes for a little while longer, let the system work out the kinks, and then pass judgment on whether or not it is a good or bad thing. If you�re someone like me who primarily buys games new then you generally have nothing to worry about anyway, unless there�s a somewhat rare Arkham City incident were some passes don�t renew (which can be attributed to working out the kinks in a system). If you traditionally buy your games used, well, just become a more educated shopper.

The one thing I want to encourage is simple. If you really are against this online pass system then please fight it with your wallet and nothing more. Don't pirate these games in some foolishly noble attempt to "fight the man" or anything stupid like that because stuff like that is what directly leads to things like SOPA, things that hurt everybody including the people who never did anything wrong in the first place.

Want more opinion articles like the InSephtion? Improvements? I don�t have any kind of recurring episodic blog, I�d like to fix that. Let me know in the comments section below. Also, congrats to Magnalon for getting into the fold with Dtoid's staff. As a fan of his stuff for a while, it's nice to see deserving people get accepted and recognized.
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