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Dark Souls - Fighting the "good" fight

Weekend after weekend watching and listening to my friend and my brothers agonized screaming, hair pulling and teeth grinding itís finally my turn to prove my worth. And with that though i grab my semi-broken PS3 controller (the left analog stick is iffy as hell, works wonders on those narrow beams!), wipe off my pre-sweat from my forehead as I fully submit myself to this marathon of agony, bliss, emasculation. Letís play Dark Souls, itís the funnest game on the block!

But this time Iím not alone, Iíve got my science loving ateist PC gamer friend with me too, he only plays console at my place and I was curious how he would react to a game this , uh , letís go with niche.

Itís more than delightful to see that there are some people in Dark Souls community that seem to be fond of the act of giving. Watch my friends face twisting in horror as me and my brother starts screaming that he has been invaded by an evil phantom that is trying to steal his humanity and souls (note that he is still trying to comprehend how the game is played). Then something strange happens the dark shadow starts dancing and making all kind of gestures and in an instant the once intimidating shouts now slowly turn into encouragements - Heís dropping stuff, pick them up! Hurry before they disappear!

Troll in central park is always relevant!

When the gameís bosses get so freaking self aware that they figure out that glitching away and forcing me to take my own life is smarter than getting killed I get creative.
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