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MPF: Multiplayer is fun when playing with love ones.

Many can agree that multiplayer is fun, but to me it is most fun when you play it with people you enjoy playing with the most. In my case it�s my siblings. Before the N64 in which multiplayer could be played up to 4 people, me and my two brothers had to enjoy multiplayer with one person at a time rather than all together. Don�t get me wrong I love playing the Sega genesis and Super Nintendo with one of my brothers, but that sweet day when my dad bought a third controller for our N64, our multiplayer fun began. My grandest time playing multi-player was the N64 years because I think the greatest multi-player games were made for that system like, Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye for example. Now this is before any one of us had friends to play with. Now that we do, I still love playing with my brothers a whole lot more and here is why.

My friends(sigh)... I love them, but sometimes they're hard to play with.

I like playing videogames with my friends a lot and I do have a good time with them, but sometimes it can be a hassle to get the game going. I understand people have different preferences when playing a game, but I�m that type of guy who just wants to start the game. I like to play everything on default because for one I believe the default settings in most games are the most balance and two I just want to start the game. I have a couple friends who have to button check and change the buttons around and the most disturbing part is that they would save those controls, so the next time I or my brothers play a game; we get little tick about the control. I have a few who are not flexible when playing multi platform games and would refuse to play anything other than their own consoles. I can deal with it because I can adapt to any system when playing videogames with a little given time, but I would sure love to play games on my home consoles. Then there are my nerdy college chums. When they are not playing MMOs or playing trading card games we get into some competitive fighting games between classes. Again, I have a good time with them, but it takes a while depending on how many people playing and what are their preferences. My fellow gaming classmates love watching fighting tournaments, so they always have to match the rules and settings of many 2-D fighters which limits me because I love the default settings. My brothers don�t have that problem; we just pick up and play without any stresses of settings.

My greatest gaming adversaries are my flesh and blood

Who better to know how you play competitive multiplayer games than the person or people who played with you for many years. I think up to this day my brothers are my greatest opponents. Playing with my brothers for many years tells me a lot how they play and it�s the same for them. It�s hard to out wit my brothers when they know your strength and weaknesses. Mario Party for example, is very interesting in that I find it easier to out wit my friends than my own flesh and blood. Whenever I play Mario Party with friends, I often make a temporary alliance in order to gain what I need and screw everyone in the end. However, my brothers know that I can�t be trusted and it�s pretty much every man for themselves. That�s why I find it a joy playing with my brothers because they make many games a challenge and we have fun trying exploit the other weakness to end up with a really close game.

My siblings and I love to goof off.

No matter what type of game me and my siblings are playing whether it�s first person shooters, fighting, co-op RPGs, etc; we always find ways to goof around in a game. We may not play competitive all the time, sometimes we may try to glitch the game or play differently from the objective. We particularly love laughing at rag doll physics in many games. We may kill each other in numerous ways to see what position our characters land. There are many ways we have fun in screwing the game and we try to keep those memories very dear to us, so one day we can look back and laugh at it. Often we may say out of the blue, �Remember that one time when I��.� and that can bring a big smile on our faces.

Unfortunately, we don�t play much multiplayer games because we are all in college and have our own agendas, but every once in a while I tried to make theme multiplayer games like, Mario Kart day, Golden eye Day or Wrestling day etc. In one of those days, we pick one day in which everyone is free and try to play every game of a certain genre or series. Our last Goldeneye day, we had a blast playing multiplayer from Goldeneye N64 to Goldeneye Wii. Whether it�s family, spouses, friends or possibly strangers online, I would like to read more blogs of peoples� fondest moments in gaming shared with the people they enjoy playing with. I wrote this blog because I felt like it and wanted to start something new or resurrect an old trend on Dtiod.Maybe I call this a MPF blog.
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