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Predictions - Game of the Year Edition


�Gears of War 3: Brothers Till The End Edition�

The conclusion of the Gears trilogy sees a lot of upsets in story development and a DLC season pass for Epic to milk gamers with. While not all the content will be multiplayer focused, the fact that Epic is going to expand the story further and expect players to own their newest game is just silly.

If it�s DLC, why can�t the content be a separate XBLA release? Regardless, I know Epic will work quickly to capitalize on the GOTY nominations they received. Not only that, but they�ll probably go out of their way to criticize the critics who gave the game an 8 out of 10.

Expect the bonus content to be nothing more than the DLC season pass, but missing all of the golden bonus guns and skins that come with it.

It�s a shame that developers can�t provide fuller experiences with their new releases. While I can understand wanting to expand your game beyond the original scope, why do most titles not finish now a days?

I hate reaching a fever pitch in story development only to have the campaign abruptly stop and tease me with DLC. I don�t want DLC if my story mode never ended! It�s some kind of reverse psychology that isn�t cutting it!

So that�s my prediction for 2012. While some of you may see �complete� editions as a bonus, I see it as a horrible trend. I know, for one, that I�m buying a hell of a lot less games next year because of it.
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