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Bad Dreams, What The Hell Is Skyrim, and New Year Wishes To All

I've been having this weird dream for the past two months. My dream begins rather serene, as I've no recognition of time or everyday demands to hinder the journey in which I'm about to partake in. In my dream large snowflakes fall around me as I make my way to a new destination. I know it's a destination that will likely be similar to the past 15 I've already visited, yet I could care less about the familiarity for they've all been enjoyable. My subconscious mind breaks in briefly at this point to remind me we've had no snow in this part of Ohio, but the information is quickly pushed aside as large words pop up overhead to inform me that I've found the location in which I seek. I enter a lighted doorway while wondering where the heck a light would be coming from.

My mind focuses on the whistling of the wind making its way through a cold and desolate cavern, although as I travel farther along this cavern I become aware of other sounds which tell me the emptiness was only a facade hiding what lies ahead. A clicking sound draws closer, or perhaps I draw closer to it. Whatever it is varies in my dream. Sometimes it's large. Other times it's small. Sometimes I get my ass handed to me on a big platter, yet my dream will always bend so that I am the victor.

I always find something shiny by the remains of whatever it is. I like shiny. In fact, I'm usually the partner in game that goes running off to collect the gems or a new gun, often returning at the end of the battle to angry outcries from teammates of how I promised I wouldn't do it again. Perhaps it's the reason my dream begins to unravel at an alarming rate after picking up the shiny reward. It's like my subconscious mind is playing the guilt card.

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