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Things I�m thankful for , past year edition!

So yet another year has flown by and it�s time to look back and reminisce about all the fab things that has been. Focusing your thoughts can be hard enough without Beasty boys blasting at full volume behind you so let�s get into it!

The Dtoid Community

Who knew that so many interesting and nice people could gather at one place in a realm where being a grand asshole is just an impulse away? No doubt the biggest reason why I keep coming back here to share my thoughts and get your opinion is because of all of you wonderful people here. And hopefully you guys acknowledge this, I know I do, every morning begins with reading the ambitious recaps and checking all the blogs I can manage before I absolutely have to run off to school. Stay classy Dtoiders!

Coming fresh from the Fallout universe I was initially disappointed with Skyrim, the character personalization was dumbed down to two choices, do you want to have a mustache/wig or do you want to look like something that the 3D art intern barely managed to put together? Wasn't this supposed to be a immerse RPG? It�s inhabitant's mostly consisted of neurotic maniacs constantly repeating things like � You should go to Mr.X�s Store� which would be find if I wasn�t in fact standing inside of it. Others would tell me their inmost secrets to me just by the sight of me and it all just felt very unnatural. But instead of complaining about it I embraced it and laughed at it, and instead of dwelling on these to me shortcomings instead I was enthralled by the beautiful environments and the open ended combat system. Because who can feel nothing but bad-ass when you�ve exploited the shoddy AI by shooting them from a super long distance then taking down their leader with fireballs and a zombie saber-cat?

Other noteworthy happenings this year include:

Giving Cave story + �s Hard mode a whirl and making it to weapon X, seriously , people have made it to the sanctum with 3 lives and no rockets , I couldn�t have more respect for these people. Also it makes you appreciate and analyse the game way more when you just can�t run trough it with without much challenge like I can on normal difficulty. Give it a try if you�re brave!

Making it further in Amnesia, a game that I appreciate almost too much, because it almost does it job too well and after two equally scary half game runs thanks to a not working Steam save sync, I have my eyes set on making my way to the finish this year. And not only that , I have a pretty rad blog I�ve been working on about it for when I do manage to finish it.

Watching my brother playing Killer 7 and trying to make sense of it!

So that�s some of the past years hilights , hopefully you found them as fun to read as I did writing them. And who knows maybe it inspired you to give a second chance to a game you�ve rejected? Only to find out that it was really good. That would be amazing, here�s for another great year!
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