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Resolutions: Mind, Body, and Spirit of a Gamer


Two of the biggest problems I have lately as a gamer are sticking with it until the very end of a game and beating them. Yes, these are two problems and let me explain why. It's very hard for me to focus on a single game at a time. This is most likely because I have 50+ games still for the PS2 and at least 90% of them are RPGs that I just can't bear to part with until I beat, but I want to "beat them right," which often involves beating them soundly and doing everything there is to do, which often takes multiple playthroughs, lots of patience, and more time than I can possibly come up with at this point.

This is mostly because when I was younger, I did have that kind of time and didn't have that many RPGs, so it made sense. Now it doesn't, but I still have that constant desire. Worse still, a lot of the RPGs I have are considered rare enough to actually be worth money, meaning I really just need to hurry the hell up and beat them so I can sell them...but I won't.

So my first resolution is to stop playing more games and instead focus on what I'm already playing. That's not to say I won't check out various games or even purchase them, but they'll either be backshelf'd or only played every so often in between frustrating parts of other titles I'm genuinely focusing on. Even though this will be very annoying to the point of almost being a chore, it will totally be worth it as I free up room on my game shelf as well as get a little cash here and there by trading stuff in or selling them outright.

My second resolution is to stop being afraid of beating games. Look, here's the thing. Sometimes when you beat a game, that's it. It's over. Even if there's more to do and see in the game, you don't have to and often I'm not motivated enough to go through it again. But I enjoy the game for the experience, not the ending. As a result, I feel like if I beat it, I can never have that experience again because I'll be quick to sell it, even if I keep promising myself that's not what will actually happen.

It's quite a complex because it's already hard enough to focus on a single game for me, but then to throw into the mix that I'm near petrified of beating most of them...well, there you go. It's almost a constant assurance that I will never get rid of any of my older games, and with new games coming out almost every day that I'd like to have, that's a very real problem.

The final resolution has less to do with gaming and more to do with myself: working out. Now a lot of people make this resolution, but mine isn't going to be to lose X amount of weight or whatever. No, mine is going to be to challenge myself to simply keep working out, even when others have quit. In fact, it's more along the lines of "watch as other people give up and feel glad that you're still going."

While that doesn't seem to have much to do with gaming, it actually does. I intend to start clearing out space and get Stepmania going again. I look forward to logging stuff everyday in Fitocracy again. And last but not least, I want my Wii Fit board to get some good use out of it again, even if only lightly because I've moved on to more advanced stuff.

And really, the question at this point isn't whether or not I can actually do these things, but rather how long I can stick it out. If I can make it until the end of next year, awesome. If I can't, then how was my progress? Did I get a decent amount done? Should I have the same resolutions next year or different ones? At this point, I'm all about trying to improve myself as a dedicated gamer and developer.

Also, a more dedicated bladder.

Now I should set goals for myself as far as developing, but I won't because getting time on the computer is fairly uncertain lately. I could also focus on pushing myself as a writer, but the last thing I need is to burn out. Also, computer. Plus, something interesting will be coming up soon in regards to that. In any case, that's what I'm doing...how about you guys?
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