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Christmas Spirit... In Card Form

This year I took it upon myself to make my own Christmas cards and send them out to friends and family. It took me a week or so to think up of what I wanted on the cards, how big to make them, etc. I ended up making a single sided 8.5" wide card with a gaming themed picture and pun on the front. Since I wasn't able to send out cards to everyone this year, I figured I'd share what I made here on the C-Blogs. So without further ado, here they are!

Half-Life 2 is my favorite game ever, so why not make a card based on it? I basically just took my header image and put a Santa hat over the hat in the image, and put the quote on. This one was the easiest to do. The quote came to me almost immediately.

And that's it for the cards! I'm hoping to make some new ones next year and to be able to send them out to more of my Dtoid community peeps! Hope you all like them!
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