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Me and my friends wil constantly boot up some poor looking random map just so that we can laugh at how buggy they can be when suddenly the most undernourished hero gets way ahead thanks to finding one strange looking item, and if we are lucky well find a good one.The list of random maps goes on and on, want bejewled in SC2? You got it, how about a �achtung die curve � aka tron lightcycle game? ! It�s yours. Want Pokemon in your Warcraft or a Kart racing game in Team fortress 2, it's there! Theoretically endless content for the price of one 40 $ game? I think I can justify that even though I�m probably never going to play it the way it was meant to be. How about you?

And without custom made maps I don't think I ever would have experienced a LAN party where a friend of mine had to sheathe his computer screen from my "not so sober" Mom because we where playing a very amusing round of hentai TD where the winner got to see a very "not safe for family" picture. Guess who suddenly started winning all of a sudden while my Mom was observing him while she frantically tried to figure out why everyone in the room was rolling around on the floor laughing?

Oh, I just remembered another great custom game, in WC3 it was called Warlocks but now in SC2 it's called Magecraft, it's an arena fighter where you try to knock your opponents off the constantly shrinking arena with a plethora of spells, fun without limits i tell you!

Any dtoiders who's been playing custom maps on Wc3 or SC2? I'm Kaggen at battlenet , add me!
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I did a ankward but pretty interesting interview with Swedish indie game developer Nifflas

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