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Giving: The birth of a hardcore gamer

Oh, look at that. I have free time again. Hooray for college breaks!

When you�re a kid, Christmas is the absolute best time of the year. You�re surrounded by a family that loves you, school�s out, it�s snowing outside, there's holiday specials on TV, and best of all, you get a bunch of presents. Seriously, when you�re a kid, there's so many things to like about this time of year. For adults, not so much.

But the Christmas of 2001 will always hold a significant place in my heart because that�s when everything changed for me. Before then, I usually just asked for cool toys, be it stuff from Power Rangers, Pokemon, Beast Wars, or whatever Pixar film was popular at the time. I wasn�t as interested in video games back then. That all changed that day, when my grandparents did something for my brother and I that our parents never could.

See, my parents didn't know that much about video games, but they knew that video games weren't good for a developing child. At least, that's what the TV said. In fact, I distinctly remember begging my dad to let me have a Game Boy Color so I could play Pokemon on it. His reply was, and I quote, "we don't need another computer in the house".

Joy is a gift. This is the box mine came in.
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