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DmC: Whatta Hooda whatta?

In the game DmC, you are a protagonist on an agenda to thwart and destroy a supernatural being. This super natural being has unlimited power, lives in his own multi-verse, and has the voice of a vibrating cellphone.

In DmC which is short for Dead Monky Cliche, you go from exotic location to exotic location, every location is exotic and fresh. Fresh like a ripe tomato, but not too ripe. No one likes tomatoes with wrinkly skin and with no bite to them, unless you are making spaghetti sauce. DmC isn't about crushing up T3s and snorting them, its about popping the filler in your mouth and drinking deep.

DmC is largly a flawed game with Banjo-Kajooie like color schemes and the art direction of a Nickelodeon tween cable series. The inter-dimensional sequences and stages are trite and ridiculous because in a game filled with exotic locations it is required that you incorporate platforming stages that are overly elaborate and easily forgotten. These stages act as a stepping stone that usually lead into a battle sequences.

DmC is synonymous with creating arbitrary enemies from arbitrary things and calling them demons or monsters. Usually the super villian is an inter-dimensional demigod creature and that's even more arbitrary.

The fighting action in DmC is boring and derivative. The fighting in DmC looks exactly like the producers were trying to encapsulate the feeling from previous DmC fight sequences, sadly it falls short of even feeling like you are playing a game. The fights in DmC feel more like you are playing Cooking Mama, following a recipe and trying to exicute with good enough timing to reap the highest score. Each fight is just about going through the paces with the usual rewards for mixing up your moves and trying to look overly complicated and flashy.

Playing DmC is like going to a fast food place and asking for the cheapest thing on the menu. You can, but do you really want to? If you get it, is it really going to be satisfying, even if you really really want it? Probably not. Jump over DmC like its a skipping room that someone threw at your face, cartwheel backwards, and shoot the person who threw that rope into the air. Now, while their body is suspended and falling slowly, set your arm on fire and punch them. They should not hit the ground and explode into some kind of black tar that will bubble and seep into the ground, you are better off.

Know what I'm saying hip cats?

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