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A (Re)Introduction Of Sorts

Iím sorry and you know I am. I thought I could be unlike any teenager before me and be able to balance my time between a hectic school schedule and writing for your wonderful site, however I proved to be everything that is wrong with my generation. You deserve better and I promise to devote more time to you this time around. Iíve changed. Iím better with longer words or should I say, I am better equipped to elongate my phrases eloquently. I can also grow patchy stubble on my chin, Iím everything you could ever want. Itís not like I saw anyone else while I was gone, I still visited everyday but just couldnít muster up the ability to write anything substantial. But enough about that, Iím back now guys. WaitÖ You donít know me? You donít remember those long summer afternoons where I would stroke your hair for hours upon hours? Fair enough I suppose, I only stuck around for a month or so before leaving without a whisper. That peace and quiet you grew to love and desire is now over. Not without a fight however.

Note: Picture above does not show one game I am even remotely talking about

Thatís one thing I donít understand about the industry though. People all over the internet seems to lament and bitch about how the industry is a mess and how the old days used to be far better. Now I wonít even pretend like Iím even old enough to have experienced the ďbetterĒ days but I donít see how the industry could have been any better then it is now. Sure, there are a shit ton of sequels nowadays, and a lack of true innovative AAA titles but the rising in popularity in the indie scene generally makes it a moot point, as they arenít afraid to experiment. I also canít deny that companies like EA, Activision and Ubisoft are trying everything they can to ruin it apparently, with online passes, disk-locked DLC, punishing actual paying customers with pointless DRM practices and other shifty business plans but when it comes down to it, look at the amount of truly great games that have come out in the last few months. I still have yet to purchase Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim and AssCreed Revelations, 4 games Iíve been waiting eagerly for all year. Just look at the entire year as a whole, almost every genre has had a successful game released and I canít help but think that people are going to bitch either way because they need something to do.

Back to the main point however, I am back and plan on staying long after I've worn out my welcome. Iíve recently purchased a headset so I could play with you lovely people on Friday nights (Saturday midday over here) once I get my hands on Battlefield and Uncharted. Let's reap the benefits of a relationship together Dtoid.
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I'm into music and movies and am currently being self taught in visual effects as my friends and myself are heavily into film making ourselves. But you know when you have a dream and that dream then goes and bangs every idea you've ever had and then your just left with a bunch of idiotic thoughts and a lousy hangover? Yeah me either, but essentially we have so many projects under way, I don't know if we'll ever finish one of them. But enough about that, back to the games yeah?

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