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Final Fantasy Versus Itself.

(I know, worst title ever)

Hey, you know those stupid prediction articles that are all made up of guesswork skewed by the writerís personal preferences, the ones that serve to only stroke the writerís ego as they furrow their brows and pretend to be the next Michael Pachter as if being the next Michael Pachter is something to aspire to?
Yeah, letís do one of those!

So, Final Fantasy, you may have heard of it, chances are you have strong opinions about it, and the general consensus seem to be that it isnít as good as it used to be, when exactly ďused to beĒ was differs from person to person, but Iíd imagine most donít exactly consider the current games to be living up to the legacy. Thatís why I want to talk about Versus XIII, and its potential to revitalise the franchise, if not outright save it. (Save it from mediocrity that is, itís not like theyíll stop making money anytime soon)

FF13 was a bit of a mixed bag, thereís been plenty of blogs about the games problems and merits so I wonít open that particular can of worms just yet, personally I thought it was a good game but a poor Final Fantasy, if that makes any sense. Instead, Iíd like to look at where the franchise is headed with both 13-2 and Versus and why I think these two games are a pivotal fork in the road for SquareEnixís future success, or at the least, their reputation.

I love Final Fantasy, we all do, everyone has fond memories of it peppered throughout their life, but how many times can you reboot the same basic concept? Is there any other series in any other form of media thatís been reimagined thirteen times? Final Fantasy is like The Simpsons, it was amazing in its heyday, but itís running out of steam, and the sad truth is it may never be as good as it once was. But maybe thatís okay, because when the Simpsons started to go downhill we got Futurama! Thatís how I see Versus, not so much a hark back to the past or a huge leap into unknown territory, but a sidestep, familiar yet experimental, something fresh but still within our comfort zone, branching out but with an assured level of quality. And in the end, isnít that what Final Fantasy has always been doing?

Hopefully weíll see it soon, right after Half-life 3 and the new Jet Set Radio.

BLAAAH. That went on way longer then it needed to, I actually donít feel so good about this blog, I procrastinated for weeks and even ended up writing other stuff in between. But it was just one of those weird ones you just need to get off chest and out of your system you know?

Also, that moogle that transforms into a sword and bow is just dumb. And this in coming from a guy who still thinks gunblades are cool.
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