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PVC�: Plastic Videogame Character Creator Comic


PVC stands for Plastic Videogame Comics (I swear!), and it will be posted whenever it is possible. It is done with a camera that is not mine, a free photo editor who allow me to put the balloons and a guy who secretly likes dressing games.

If you have played certain games like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dark Souls and a few others, you have spent at least a few minutes with a Character Creation system. Honestly, sometimes this can be one of the funniest parts in the game.

Some people tries to create the fugliest character possible, like they have in-breed him/her for generations. Those are hilarious to see once, but I would hate to see a fugly character all the time, since the comic effect would wear off fast.

Others tries to recreate themselves, with variable degrees of success. Sometimes the results can be uncanny and disturbing. But again, sometimes it is hard to see someone so like yourself in the screen, especially when your likeness is not exactly fitting to the setting. I can't see me using power armor around.

I usually play with female avatars, so I try to give them a nice look. Other times just a fitting look. My Skyrim character is a female Nord, so she have some war painting and a scar in the left eye. I still classify her as pretty, but tried to make her fitting to her story a bit.

The Character Creation tools sometimes are too hard to use and take a lot of time to get the final results, while other times they don't have enough options. My character hair style in Skyrim is not the one I wanted, but the one closest to it. Yes, I know the helmet would cover it, but it is a creation of my imagination, so I still wanted more options.

Other thing I miss is body modifications, like choosing skinny or fat, tall or small, muscular or slim, and yes, busty and waist size. Almost no game give you body tools. A shame.

And why not all multiplayer games, like Battlefield and MW3 don't let you customize your soldier, aside the occasional camo? I see no reason aside cheapness to don't allow us to customize more freely our characters. Others could allow us to small modifications, like Uncharted allowing us to chose Nathan's clothes when its story don't demand a specific outfit.

Most of us probably have spent time playing around with the Character Creation tools. It is fun, I must admit. Not for a full game, but as a part of the interaction. So I leave with a question: Which character you created you liked most?
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