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I'm Here!! But I'll Be Gone Again in Two Seconds

I had a plan, you see. A plan where I would be on this site almost everyday, chatting and discussing with the other wonderful people. I would write wonderful blogs full of thought provoking content and practice my writing while doing so. I would enjoy the other blogs posted as well, and be baffled at the shear awesomeness that is this site.

Then life said, "Ah ha, no."

And here we are; where I haven't even had the time to write one of these things even though I truly wanted to. I thought about commenting on many things that I saw like the whole hate of COD, or piracy, but it all amounted to nothing in the face of the wonderful thing called work. Now understand that I'm not complaining. I love the fact that I have something to do because without that I think I'd probably devolve into insanity. But at the same time, I need a break.

Thus I'm breaking right now for at least three hours and within those three hours I will write this. I also doubt this is going to be a thought provoking blog post so sorry in advance. Although, if you like ranting this post may turn into a bit of one.

So you may ask what is keeping me so busy. Well first, working. I have to say that I'm extremely blessed to be working at a game store. Not only is it fun to just look at all the games around me, the people I interact with have got to be the most interesting. It varies from the guys who come in, pick up a game and leave, to those who absolutely love the whole gaming scene and show it proudly, and then there are the parents with their kids always asking questions. It can be stressful, but overall I enjoy it because I feel like I'm working in the place that I understand--and it doesn't require grease. I've got a really dumb fear of hot grease and fast food accidents. Don't even ask how it came to be, I couldn't tell you.

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