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Seeing things from a different perspective : SoTC


Pic found @: http://sexuallyviolentdisposition.tumblr.com/post/9551298101

I love my friend because how open minded and accepting he is, when others would be defensive or aggravated he goes - Cool, tell me why you like this and that , or why you didn�t like x or y. And both of us agree on that it�s sad when we see people liking stuff only because others do or because it�s cool to do so. Because having a own critical view on things is really important both for you and others. And I think that the gaming community would benefit enormously if people would just for a second put themselves out of their own self and think about how maybe not everyone thinks and has experienced the things you have, or has the same view on things that you have.

It�s ok to have a different opinion, just ask the person why he thinks that way and instead of starting hate wars, then you�ll instead be engaged in a (presumably) interesting discussion which might end in you or your friend learning to look at things from a different perspective, which inevitably will lead to a better understanding of people. Which is probably one of the more valuable things that you can poses. So instead of acting defensively or angry the next time somebody questions how you think, how about explaining why you think that way rather than harass that person for having the �wrong� view on things according to you opinion.

And lastly I wanted to wrap up my thoughts on SoTC , at first I thought - Woah, the game gave me some of the most epic boss-fights and beautifully environments I�ve ever experienced in a videogame. But I couldn�t really care much about the Wanderer and Mono, but now I can see why people praise it so much , obsess over small details and how people could write massive and passionate documents analyzing the plot of the game. Because for all the great releases of this year , no other game has made me think so much about it as SoTC has made me think about it. I�m already looking back on the game fondly, and after writing this I kind of want to replay it again. So if you haven�t played it yet , go do it, it comes highly recommended! And stay open minded folks!
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