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MMO Stories:WoW the adventure of a lifetime

(In an attempt to create a ďbest of Ē collection where I gather some of my more interesting MMO experiences in one blog I created this. While not all of them are completely self sustained, I think you will find yourself understanding most of them even if youíve have had very little or no experience with the subject matter, enjoy! )

This was first planned to be a part of the MMO "bloggers wanted" call but I didnít have the time back then so Iíll just post it now *runs away*

This is kind of tragic to admit but you have to see where I was coming from, let me explain. Itís Christmas day and all of your family is gathered to do to me then boring activities. I log on before the party arrives only to see that Iíve been selected to prove myself in the Molten core raid dungeon. This was basically my ticket to epic loot and glory, how would I be able to eat the cookie while keeping it? Simple, I tried multitasking and I did it pretty poorly , see my family was fast to pick up my hasty visits to my sealed off room and my raid leader was equally fast at noticing that I had just selected the follow command on a fellow raider. Sigh * so I was scolded on both fronts, thatís what you get for biting off more than you can chew I guess.

Conclusion / Looking back

While many people look back in resent on their time spent in Blizzards MMO giant I often find myself almost longing back or at least looking back with a smile on my lips. Sure Iíve could have done other things with my time but what's done is done. I can honestly say that I had loads of fun playing WOW and I don't see the point in re-visiting the low points.

When I played WOW it was a game that rewarded you for all the time you spent on it, more so than any other title I can think of now. And thatís with the monthly fee considered. There was always something to do , always something to achieve or find, it just never ended. I think Tara Long put it pretty well when she defended it on podtoid or if it was on the Dtoid show, she just said "itís a great game for passing time". And if you want it to be more it can, you can have all your friends with you and experience all sorts of things with them. Or get lost by yourself and meet new people in a truly huge and fantastic world. Alll I know is that I remember all those days In Azeroth , Outlands and Northrend, and I donít regret a thing.

How do you look at these things? Do you hate / love the time you spent on WOW? Or maybe you longed to play it but never did? I dunno , post something in the comments if you feel like!
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