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PVC: Battlefield 3 Tips


Sorry for not posting this long. A combination of sickness and a cousin marriage delayed me. And Battlefield 3. I promised a review and will do it, but haven't being able to finish the game yet and don't want to half-ass it. Will try next Sunday.

So, I am having a great time with the multiplayer. Lots of fun. Thankfully, many glitches the game had in the beta got ironed out. No more falling into the ground, the matchmaking is fixed, the communication have being improved. Basically everything people complained in the beta have being fixed. If you are still in doubt if it is worth a try, it totally is.

The single player and co-op are not great, but it is not the horror some people is painting. It is pretty standard and fun, but nothing that people will be talking years from now, like Modern Warfare nuke scene or sniper mission.

Back to the multiplayer. Unfortunately, there still is people who play BF3 like a COD game, camping around, lone wolfing through the fields. Doing that will always put you in the bottom of the ranking. Serious, I ended in first place in a conquest match killing just two guys. Yes, true. Just conquering flags for the team, suppressing enemies and dropping ammo boxes. Battlefield is this kind of game, that reward you by helping your team win the game instead of acting like Rambo.

The game needs a vehicle tutorial, I think. The only place you can learn how to fly is in the matches themselves and if you have not enough people to close a match, chances are you will not succeed in helping your team and learning how to rain fire from above in a chopper.

I hate, in the other hand, when I see someone in a tank hunting down a single soldier, while the enemy tank is protecting the objective. Let the lone soldier being taken by a ground troop and go blow the tank! This goes to every single vehicle and engineers. Also, in Rush, please, please stay near the M-COMs! The enemy can and will flank the guys who stay the closest possible of their deployment and win the game! No, you are not helping because it is impossible to keep the enemies in their base.

Well, that is it for today. I can recommend Battlefield 3 to anyone wishing to play a game where the multiplayer is objective focus and teamwork is key to victory. If you haven't internet or believe teamwork is for sissies, I cant think this is the game for you.
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