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Acquisition - Standing on the Brink (Short Blog)


Just take my damn cash!

About two weeks later, Valve decided to set up a free weekend of �Brink� on Steam. Since my PC is finally beefy enough to run anything, I was ecstatic when I saw the Steam storefront. I immediately started downloading the trial and was getting really eager until I looked farther down the page.

The �QuakeCon 2011� pack was on sale for $70 and it included most of the Id Software games and a huge assortment of Bethesda titles. I immediately purchased that to replace my physical games and delve into some of the lesser known Bethesda titles I hadn�t tried.

As it turns out, �Brink� was included in that deal. After all my waiting for a price drop or demo and after one was already commencing, I actually owned the damn game. I sat in my chair upon learning of my new acquisition and just pondered a bit. Why the hell did my journey seem so trivial?

The story doesn�t end well as it turns out I rather dislike �Brink,� but the sheer idiocy of my trip is just something I need to share. There isn�t much else for me to say on the matter; it�s not the most arduous of journeys, nor is it really an acquisition that I enjoyed, but I find it rather humorous.
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