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I Seriously Cannot Shut Up About Dark Souls

The title says it all. Dark Souls. DARK SOULS. I can't stop talking about this game. I can't stop thinking about this game. Even when I'm not talking about it, I'm thinking about it, so it's kind of like I have an internal monologue going on, you know? So really, I'm still talking about it, just to myself.

I try to broach the topic with my tired Dtoid buddies, who by now are ready to slit my throat or perform an impromptu laryngectomy. I have to keep myself in check; I'm dangerously close to losing all my friends to this obsession. Believe it or not, I actually miss all you guys. I feel like I've been living in a cave for weeks. A dark cave with giant skeletons around every corner. But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

I started playing it on the day it came out: Oct 6, I believe. Or was it 4? Anyway, I have barely played anything else at all since then. Rage arrived in the mail a few days later. It sits unopened on my side-table. Battlefield 3 came a couple weeks back. The soldier on the cover is weeping from neglect, and all my friends think I'm stupid for not having tried it. Maybe I am? I'm stupid for Dark Souls, like a bad love song.

One hundred five hours in. That's where I am. I play slowly, so I haven't really accomplished much, all things considered. I think Magnalon said he finished it in like 40 hours while exploring everything. That's just disgusting. But I play slowly, and I remind myself constantly that this is not a game I'm good at. I wouldn't even claim I understand it well. The phrase that I tell myself and others (there's that pesky talking again) is that the game and I have an understanding: it gets to wreck my day from time to time in exchange for some hours of even-keeled adventuring.

Actually, when I said I browse on my laptop while I wait, that's only half true. I've actually started contributing bits and pieces to the Dark Souls wiki. It feels good to give a little something back. As I say in my bio, I'm not really too knowledgeable or skilled at the game, but I'm a fiend with a text editor, and my proofreading has been known to cause acid burns.

Unfortunately for yall, this is probably not the last you've heard from me about this game. Maybe I'll even end up writing something coherent...
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