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A Backlog Diary: Part 8- Never trust the British, unless you're in Call of Duty

I'm getting a real strong message from the Uncharted series; don't, for the love of God, trust the British. They'll shoot at you, kill your friends in your imagination, try to beat you up whilst drugged, and blow up your girlfriend with a grenade. And whilst most of these generalisations about my people are pretty much spot on if you live in Mel Gibson's head (seriously, name one film of his where he isn't after the British. Heck, we even made a foreboding cameo in Apocalytica of whatever it was called), I like to think we're a little more trustworthy than how we are sometimes portrayed.

So yeah, I added Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception to the backlog, and have rather promptly completed it, and removed it again. Impressions? Uncharted 2, but prettier, with far too little Elena and far too much sucking once it got to the ending.


Sand? That's what engulfs the city and the evil British woman? Haven't I spent most of this game running away from a horrid breed of inexplicable spider monsters, and now I'm told that the villain of this piece is... the water. Don't drink the water. The water makes you crazy and hallucinate your father figure being shot in the back by the British. Why couldn't it be the spiders? They were a bit nasty. And whislt this game was yeti and troll free, unlike its predecessors, I could buy that spiders were the cause of this city's down fall, and why Francis Drake would hide it. But no, it gets swallowed by sand. O...kaaaay...
Also, game, you never made it clear to me what the whole ring thing between Drake and Elena was. Are they married now? Engaged. Am I just thick for not knowing? Seriously, Naughty Dog, you spend all this time making a prime example of a love interest in a video game, and then fuck up at this small hurdle? Oh its all cosy at the end, sure, but I didn't really know what the heck was going on.

These points aside, it was another really good game, but my primary complaint with the Uncharted series is... you just sometimes feel lucky. And then most of the time, you feel very unlucky. Many gunfights ended in failure, and it felt like this failure was very often because luck didn't go my way. Maybe one guy refused to get out of cover whilst I had him in my scopes. Maybe four dudes decide to charge at me with shotguns in one go. Maybe the three grenades could be seen as ill fortune too. And yet, on another attempt, I could just as easily have taken them all out using just my elbows as weapons, chicken dancing at them with bloodthirsty demeanour.

The game got well reviewed. It ended up with a 93 on Metacritic, which I think is reasonable. But IGN gave it a 10? Now I know everyone has their opinion on IGN, but as of late, that two digit number has been cropping up all the more often, and I think in this occassion, it was a little overzealous to reward it. It's a brilliant game, and one, dare I say it, I enjoyed a little more than a certain Xbox 360 game which also happened to be a third person shooter, and the third entry in its respective series. But not that much more. Uncharted has the story telling and characterisation nailed pretty well, even if it's always the fucking English, but Gears of War just has the gameplay nailed to the point where you feel that if you lost or died, it's your own fault. Play better! Whilst this gives Gears of War the gameplay edge, Uncharted is the one that you will remember... although Gears has the slight edge on Uncharted for "Most Dramatic Moment". Yeah, I'll admit, the Gears of War fanboy in me did feel saddened by a certain death... (By the way, haven't finished Gears 3 yet, but nearly there now, thanks to co-op partner having yesterday off).

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is a definite recommendation, but unlike most people, I will say that Uncharted 2 had the biggest impact. Compared to its sequel, Uncharted 3 feels like less of an improvement, but an improvement nevertheless. But even though I complained about Uncharted 2's ending, it shits all over Uncharted 3, which I give an 9. Would have been an 8, but that airplane and desert part was brilliant. It's a testament to the game that it looks so pretty, I thought it was a cutscene, and instead of moving to grab the box that would save my life, I expect cutscene-Drake to grab on himself.

Also, I have been on holiday. It was crap, as it rained and everything was shut, but at least I got to re-read War of the Worlds, start Catch-22, and to play the entirety of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, a game which has intrigued from afar until recently, when it intrigued much nearer, due to the characters hilarious inclusion in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

I really liked it. Yes, t felt very Japanese, but those guys have some good ideas sometimes. I felt smart playing it, the courtroom drama was appealing and compelling, and even though it was insanely obvious who the culprit was usually, I enjoyed the challenge of proving it to the old judge who looks like an older version of that bassist from Queens of the Stone Age. Probably my favourite DS game so far, mostly due to the fact that even on the beach, in the 5* hotel, and in the airport, the game was right there all along between Enbglish villages being disintegrated and pilots going mental in tents at each other. If you can see it for around �/$10 preowned, get that shit and enjoy it. Just try to tolerate the obvious parts where it has been altered to reflect American tastes, changing sushi to hamburgers, and the fact that no one acknowledges that the lead witness in the second case has the ears of a cat. I give it an 8 also. Strange company for Nathan Drake to keep, I know, but thats just how I feel so shut it.

Between my midnight finish at the busy Friday night shift at the pub and the 4am flight from Gatwick to Mahon, I had a bit of time to kill, so I engaged in the birthday present that my Gears of War 3 co-op partner gifted to me over Steam; LIMBO.

Man alive, this was creepy and fantastic. It's going to get a high score, but I'd like to remind you that muchof the gushing I'm about to engage you with takes into account the shortness of the game, and also the very low price of admission.

It looked great, it sounded even better. It just worked in every way it needed to, and left me disturbed and sad and with a sense of accomplishment, and not sure what to think as I sat in the car whilst my father tried to find somewhere to park for free for the week we'd be away that wasn't too far from the airport. The puzzles were cool and... well, there isn't really much more to say. I could try and analyse the meaning of it, but considering how it was designed to be vague and make people discuss, I shall not, as that is exactly what they want you to do. I'll just say LIMBO: 10, Aston Villa: 3.
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