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Contestoid: Who wants Sequence on Steam?


Full Disclaimer: I have pimped Sequence a lot. I've done this entirely because it's a fantastic title and I fully believe in supporting studios which do good, especially indies. My first contact with Jason Wishnov was contacting him for XBLIG codes for Sequence to give out.

Alright, so way back when Iridium Studio's little gem Sequence debuted on Xbox Live Indie Games, I contacted Jason Wishnov, the sole, consistent employee of the studio, and asked him if he'd be down for giving me some bulk codes to give out to Destructoid. I offered to buy fifty, if I'm remembering correctly.

Sadly, he was unable to provide. But because Jason Wishnov is an awesome person, he gave me five of the fifty codes he was given, given to me freely for the asking, which I then passed on to various Destructoid users.

However now Sequence is on Steam, and frankly it's long past time I paid him back for his generosity. And even I can only buy a game once, so now I'm giving back to the community. I've purchased a hundred Sequence codes which I'm going to be giving out to people.

If you meet the system requirements and want a copy, it's as simple as asking. The first twenty people who ask for a copy below are going to get a code PMed to them. It's really that easy, folks.

And look forward to more giveaways in the same vein. These codes are burnin' a hole in my pocket.
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