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PVC: Not Everyone Likes Cake


PVC stands for Plastic Videogame Comics, and it will be posted whenever it is possible. It is done with a ten years old camera, a free photo editor who allow me to put the balloons and a guy who likes a lot of things.

I found my old camera in my closet today. Albeit being a decade old, it is better than my mobile phone camera so I will be using it from now on. Doing this one today was pretty hard. Doing the cake with play-doh (I have no idea what the generic name is) was hard.

So, today's theme. It is impossible to please everyone. No matter how hard you try there is no way to make something that everybody will like. This goes for games too, or better yet, especially for games. Two cases come to my mind. GTA and the new Sonic game, Generations.

GTA is, to me, a great game. It has a living city, cool characters and interesting story. But if I tried to qualify GTA for its individual gameplay components, it sucks. Well, maybe not suck, but it is mediocre. The driving is sloppy, the shooting is imprecise, the fighting is really bad... But it is not those individual parts that make GTA great.

GTA make it individual gameplay element fun and good enough to never piss the gamer off. Albeit other games do each individual elements better, GTA put all together in a hell of a ride. But even the so acclaimed GTA have their critics. After all, despite trying to offer something to everybody, it does not offer the best in town.

Sonic, in a way, is the answer for all the critics of current Sonic games. It brings both classic gameplay with the classic Sonic design and new things to the table. I played the demo this weekend and must say it is pretty fun, both the classic and new segments.

It is clear that Sega is trying to please both old fans and new ones alike. Will they succeed? Doubtful. The rabid Sonic fans will complain because it is not retro enough and I am sure that another handful of rabid critics will criticize for not being innovative enough.

In the end, it is impossible to please everyone. So what to do? Simple, stop trying. We have a saying in Brazil about if something have no remedy, remedied it is (o que n�o tem remedio, remediado est�). The soon game companies stop trying to please everyone the soon they will make better, focused games.

Because not everyone likes cake. Even a chocolate cake filled with cappuccino cream, covered with pineapple cream and strawberries.
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