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Me versus Revuhlooshun, I guess. Also, where's Debatoid been?


Alright, so the "discussion" I got into with Revuhlooshun about Online Passes got a little bit personal. I accused him of touching himself at night, and as far as I can see from his response, he accused me of dogging his other blogposts to down on him, when, as far as my spotty memory and Destructoid's comment system are concerned, all I've done is Fap his FFV blog which got promoted.

Yes, I was a bit of a douche. Probably because we're somehow on opposite sides of the spectrum politically. I feel like the curmudgeonly conservative keeping an eye out for business, while a lot of his arguments are the bright-eyed liberal take on things. I was sort of getting into the spirit of things, I guess.

Funny bit is, I'm liberal politically speaking. I'm sure this means he's secretly a whitebread conservative.

Anyway, the whole point of this is... Let's get a Debatoid going. Me and Revuhlooshun, discussing some heated topic without Jpegs or Jew jokes, and let's get the entire thing out of our systems so that if we ever meet up at a community meetup, we're more inclined to buy one another a beer and laugh about things in hindsight than get into a fistfight while the rest of the community laughs.

Also, I respect his ability to write well, and I know I do, so there's that as well. Anything we debate is sure to be interesting to read, at least.

So Rev, up for a debate? Anyone have any topics they feel would be good to discuss?

It's this or sniping at one another randomly, and I'd rather not go that route. I can't access Destructoid from work anymore, so that rivalry might get a bit one-sided.
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