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Comfort Games: Chicken Soup for the Gamer's Soul

Comfort games, everyone has them. Regardless of how old they are, or how many times you've beat them, there's something about them that keeps bringing you back. Something that speaks to your identity as a gamer, and why you play in the first place. They may not be the best, or the most ground breaking, or the most memorable, but they're the games you keep returning to again and again. These are the games that keep you from boxing up your old NES, or pawning your Dreamcast away. The ones you play when you've got nothing to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon, the ones for which you push aside the brand new $60 “GOTY” you just bought. You know every nook and cranny of them, every shortcut, every boss pattern...and there's something very comforting in that. These titles are less like games, and more like old, dear friends.

My List:

Blades of Steel - NES
Probably my favorite sports game of all time. It's also probably the only game me and my dad were really competitive at. Sure it only has eight teams and no named players, that doesn't stop me from playing through to a championship whenever I think about it. Besides when you get in a fight, the loser gets penalty boxed! How awesome is that?


Honorable Mentions:
Crazy taxi
Left 4 Dead 2
Diablo 2
Soul Calibur
Skies of Arcadia
Chrono Trigger
Mario 64
Katamari Damacy

So what about you? Are there any games that always you always keep revisiting? This is my first blog here at destructoid, go easy on me!
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