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A Backlog Diary: Part 7- Colin wouldn't be right for Mortal Kombat...

I struggled with God of War II. I think I got stuck in some room where perhaps a lever wasn't evident, and at best, the rest of the game seemed mediocre. Bare in mind I was playing it several years after its original release, and the sixth generation is really starting to show its age. I also had the same problem with Chains of Olympus on the PSP, and ended up trading it back in for something or other.

So imagine my surprise when I found that God of War III turned out to be a reasonably compelling hack and slasher. What with hardly being the most cerebral of games outside of combat, and with a story that may be better appreciated if you had a PS2 before 2009. I probably had as hard a time as you can with getting into this game. Luckily, one of the biggest spectacles in a game ever opens this third instalment of a franchise I�d otherwise be indifferent about. I�m not very good with names, but Colin the Spartan is riding on top of Gayer the titanium tree woman as you ascend Mount Snowlympus to get revenge on Zook. Whilst the sight of the mountain side rushing by as Gayer ascends is a spectacle on its own, you also have to fight hordes of skeleton dudes, right up to the point where the Giant Water Horseman says �THAT�S FAR ENOUGH COLIN!�. So yeah, visually, I was hooked.

But the game got better, as Colin became Kratos, Gayer became Gaia, and Zook became Zeus, and I�m guessing the Water Horse Man was Poseiden. The story was just about followable, even though I had no idea why Colin� sorry, Kratos was so pissed off. Add to that a combat system that, once you get the hang of it, is actually one of the best, most diverse and tactical in any hack�n�slasher I�ve played to date, and God of War III was a winner. Being a bit gory and fun and a bit silly on a grand scale (Chronos felt like a QTE Shadow of the Colossus battle), it�s combined qualities led to me finishing the game happy, if not perplexed by what Colin does in the end. Short update this week, but I�ll round off by giving God of War III an 8, and by saying that next on the chopping block has turned out to be the rather ghastly but beautiful Alice: Madness Returns, and the rather ghastly but ghastly FEAR 3 which will then be followed by Bayonetta, due to that dude who commented last week saying it ought to be.

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