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Integration: It is the Other Way Around, Dummy (Free PVC Included)


Only face palm can show my feelings in this case.

See, Sony tried to do exactly this with the PlayStation 3 in the beginning. Creating a machine that did a lot of non-gaming related stuff and putting game as an aside. That almost killed the machine and only when they started making great exclusives and makes the PS3 more about gaming than the other things is that they started to recover.

Now it seems that Microsoft decided to make their XBox a entertainment center instead of a gaming console, with all the services they are trying to offer. Of course, you must pay the Gold fee to pay the other fees, but that is not what I want to talk. Microsoft seems to forget why they were successful in first place.

They offered a gaming console who did all the gaming stuff right and put all the other services as a bonus. Sony tried to put all the 'does everything' above the gaming. Microsoft is so focused now with their extra services and Kinect that gaming is taking a back seat in their strategy.

I don't think that the extras are bad and the console makers must forget about it. I love Netflix and blu-ray drives and all the extras. But I don't want to them to be the focus of the console. I want the industry make the best console they can and after that, start adding the extras as a plus, but never losing the focus on the games.

Before someone go to the comments saying to me how Nintendo is still making consoles who just play games, I must remember that a lot of people uses Netflix on the Wii, and that will be harder and harder to sell a console who just play games while the adversaries offers why more.

My conclusion is very simple: instead of offering me a console that do several things greatly + play games, make a console that plays games greatly + the extra stuff.
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