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A Backlog Diary: Part 5- You horse bastard!

Three down, and something like twelve or thirteen to go.

Downing a colossus gives immense satisfaction. It's like conquering a mountain, except a mountain that walks about and tries to hit you with its giant sword. However, Shadow of the Colossus in HD is showing a lot of its age right now. Don't get me wrong, I totally did the game, but I have to half agree with Jim Sterling by saying that in some ways, the game is rather ropey. And first on the list of ingredients of said rope are the controls.

Now I know this is a sixth generation game, but such awful controls of the horse really take you out of it. Maybe I'm shit at games, but it took me five minutes to get the bastard out of the temple. The camera controls don't help either, as it feels like you're camera is being held by Helen Keller on a faulty segway. And also, whilst I appreciate that the level design in SotC is deliberately bleak and bland, some extra bump mapping and texture on things like cliffs, ground and buildings wouldn�t hurt. Also, the character, whose name I forgot, has character animations almost as bad as that guy in Just Cause 1 whose name I forget.

Perhaps I digress. Perhaps these things won�t matter the longer I play it and get into it, and perhaps I ought to mention that these complaints are heavily outweighed by the sheer fun and feel of the game. Controls and graphics aside, this game still somehow has a way of sucking you in, even with a rather minimal plot; bad shit has happened to you, go kill some monsters and we�ll see what we can do. I�d give big props to the music and sound for helping, along with great monster design. It�s all quite epic in a minimalist way; a very welcome juxtaposition.

At the moment, as well as Sotc, and eventually Ico, I am playing Gears of War 3, and Dead Island. However, both of these are being played co-op with specific friends. In Dead Island�s case, I must wait until my mate who shall be referred to as {BA} StrYdA comes back from university for the Christmas holidays. Together, neither of us has experienced barely any graphical or game breaking glitches or bugs, and have had a lot of fun ploughing through Banoi�s sidequests, as well as the main quests. I can�t help but feel I would not have enjoyed this game as much without my old pal next to me breaking heads. This feels like it was what the game was about. It�d almost be like playing Left 4 Dead with just bots all the time. The plot and nature of the quests is nothing to write home about, but the act of doing them with a mate has really helped. Plus the game is damn pretty, and I haven�t had any of the frustrations that many mainstream reviewers have experienced, although this may be because I am playing on the easier fixed PC version.

Gears of War 3 is being completed with my friend who shall be referred to as {BA} Rhyn. However, due to our busy work schedules, neither myself nor her tend to be online at the same times as the other, making this one quite difficult to get the timing right to complete. Last I played, Dom was talking to a statue, which was a bit awkward, but I have to say that this is easily the best Gears campaign so far. Sure, this may be because of the groundwork of the first two, but highlights for me have been Cole Train�s trip down memory lane, Baird�s potential last words to Samantha on the bridge as it collapses, and the Lambent Berserker. Plenty more time for more shit to happen, with another three acts to go, but damn hell am I looking forward to that damn skirt making time to play with me.

My backup single player game at the moment is F1 2010, which I�m in a bit of a rush to finally get done because I just bought F1 2011. I am enjoying it, as it�s more of a step in the sim direction compared to my favourites of the DiRT series and Grid. However, at best I only have the willpower and patience with it and my own ineptitude with it to complete one race weekend at a time. I will talk about this, GoW 3, Dead Island and SotC as I complete them.

However, what I would really like is some guidance as to what in my backlog I should play next. Once F1 2010 is completed, I will start F1 2011, but after the other three are done, I need to know what to move onto. Below is a list of titles I need to get done, so pick three and I might just go for it.

Gran Turismo 5- Not started
God of War 3- Started, not gotten into it that easily
Madworld- Started, about halfway through, then got distracted
Final Fantasy XIII- Got stuck about three hours from the end.
Split/Second- About a fifth of the way through.
Rock Band 3- Not started, have keyboard though.
Killzone 2/3- Started Killzone 2, but didn�t get too far. Will probably treat as one game, because I like the idea of getting into the series properly and ploughing through.
LittleBigPlanet 1&2- Same as Killzone.
MotorStorm- Picked up cheap as an impulse buy. Played two races.
No More Heroes 1&2- Started aaaaages ago. Forgot I had it.
Wings of Prey- Will buy Thrustamster Flightstick when I start. A product of a Steam Sale.
Trama Centre: Second Opinion- Gift from grandma. Looks like a change of pace to my usual kind of game.
Crackdown 2- Loved Crackdown 1, but I approach this �5 bargain bin fodder with unease.
Child of Eden- Nearly finished on Kinect mode, but just have one more orby type level to do. Liking it so far.

Cheers for the input.
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