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Nightsky - Review

Nightsky was released in early January 2011 and ever since I played it back then I�ve wanted to review it. I�ve even kept a post-it note that I wrote back then that�s constantly glaring at me and reminding me about it from its vantage point on my refrigerator. My urges to write a review only grew when I later discovered that Dtoid in fact didn�t review it, but I didn't feel comfortable enough with my writing to be able to write a review about it, so I waited. To further add to my growing urge to write Nicalis brought up the possibility/ announcement of a 3DS port of the game , a thing that I personally think would be a brilliant and could help to make a amazing looking game look and feel even better and more immersive and it would mean that It would be seen by a larger crowd. This is a pretty important review for me for several silly but passionate reasons, so without further delay lets get to it!

One last thing that's fun to mentioning is that there is a story in Nightsky. At first the game didn't even have a story until Nicalis asked Indie God and Cave story creator Daisuke Amaya to write one for it, but don't get your hopes up, it's not anything special but it is ultimately adds to the experience making it an welcome edition. So if you're buying it for that reason alone you will be disappointed. Just saying!

Anyways lets wrap it up, the bottom line is that some people will look at Nightsky and say - That�s one of those artsy fartsy games, I�m not playing that. If you are one of them you are severely wrong about Nightsky and you will miss out on a stellar experience. No appreciation for art or boring slow things is necessary to enjoy Nightsky. Even if you stripped away the gorgeous environments and the amazing soundtrack Nightsky would still be fun game to play, and for 10 bucks you�re hard pressed to find a more immersive and entertaining game. However for those who claim to appreciate beautiful and immersive games Nighsky is a treat, I replayed it not even a year after I first beat it and the amazing feeling of immersion and of the surreal was still there, just as much as when I first played it . So go get it, and lets pray for a 3DS release!

If this made you curious about the game check out the demo here
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